About MEOS 2017

The Exhibition

Explore new technologies, business opportunities and partnerships at the MEOS 2017 exhibition, via a 14,800 sqm showcase featuring specialised businesses and some of the oil and gas industry’s largest corporations.

The MEOS exhibition is the most established showcase of oil and gas products and services in the Middle East, attracting NOCs, IOCs and major operating companies. Inaugurated in 1979, the profile covers all areas of the upstream oil and gas industry and this three day event consistently attracts over 8,000 high quality attendees.

MEOS is privileged to receive the full support of all 6 GCC national oil companies. Their active contributions towards the continuing success of MEOS includes:

  • Showcase Stands

    Each NOC occupies a flagship stand at the exhibition, highlighting activities in the region and abroad, and exciting new mega projects.

  • Visitor Promotion

    Major visitor delegations are dispatched to the exhibition and conference to network, learn and evaluate new technologies and prospects.

  • Conference Participation

    Senior personnel participate in keynote and panel discussions on crucial issues facing the oil and gas industry today. NOC personnel also present technical papers during the conference, illustrating successful case studies and new technologies from within their organisations

  • Participation on the conference committee

    NOCs contribute to the selection of papers and the direction of the conference, ensuring it maintains its excellent technical focus, with current relevance to the Middle East.

International exhibitors also maintain a strong presence at MEOS. Regular high profile participants include Baker Hughes, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Shell and Weatherford amongst others in addition to smaller specialist suppliers, distributors and numerous new entries to the Middle East market.

The Conference

Discover the future of oil and gas at the MEOS 2017 conference, with unique insights on the region’s mega projects, new technologies, case studies and topical discussions led by international industry leaders.

Of paramount importance to the continuing success of MEOS is its Middle East focused conference programme. Organised by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) in collaboration with a committee of regional and international oil company representatives, over the years it has evolved into the largest and best attended technical event of its kind in the region.

The conference typically features over 300 high quality technical presentations, a series of panel sessions led by presidents, vice presidents, CEOs, deputy managing directors, and chairmen of key players and a high ranking collection of keynote speakers.

By providing high quality presentations focused on Middle East issues, the quality of delegates is exceptional and unique.

The SPE has unrivalled experience in organising petroleum conferences around the world. At MEOS their skills are matched with unequivocal support from the region’s national and international oil companies. This support, in tandem with participation from suppliers of products and services to the region, has maintained MEOS’ position as the best petroleum conference in the region.